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Wood Samples
Rosewood, Bolivian - (Machaerium acutifolium) Deep dark chocolate brown to purple black in color with occasional strips of even darker tones. Hard, heavy, fine texture with variable grain patterns. Machines well with sharp hand and power tools. Turns well. South America
Cherry (Prunus Serotina) Hard, straight grained with firm texture. Heartwood is reddish brown to deep red, with brown flecks, and will naturally darken with age. USA
Cocobolo - (Dalbergia spp.) Hard and heavy wood with irregular grain with a medium fine texture. Heartwood is a varigated color from purple red to yellow, with black markings. The color turns deep orange red with exposure. West Coast Central America
Desert Ironwood - (Olneya tesota) Ironwood is one of the largest and longest-lived Sonoran Desert plants, reaching 45 feet in height and persisting as long as 1,500 years. It is a single or multi-trunked evergreen tree, and displays lavender to pink flowers starting in March. By early summer, a mast of pods matures. Each 2-inch pod contains one to four shiny brown seeds that are relished by many Sonoran denizens, from small mammals and birds to humans. Its heavy, dark-brown, "iron-like wood is renowned for making tools, carvings, and weapons. Sonoran Desert
Koa - (Koa acacia) Koa is the largest of the native trees of Hawaii. This tree has been used by native Hawaiians to make canoes, carved figures, furniture and in recent years in the craft industry. Koa is a moderately heavy wood and can range in color from golden orange to a deep reddish brown. Koa is famous for its Ribbon grain which often comes highly figures. This wood turns easily and polishes to a high sheen. Hawaii, USA

Purpleheart - (Peltogyne) Medium to hard wood with tight, fairly straight grain with moderate to coarse texture. Bright purple when cut, darkens to brownish purple with exposure. Machines well with sharp tools. Turns and finishes well. Central and South America
Walnut, Claro - (Juglans spp.) Dark chocolate brown wood with wavy and curly grain colors of light yellowish brown to dark brown or black. Similar to American Walnut in density and texture but with more spectacular grain patterns. Used for furniture, turning. West Coast, USA
Zebrawood - (Microberlinia brazzavillenis) Medium to heavy hardwood with possible coarse to very coarse grain texture depending on how it is cut. Light tan to golden yellow with streaks of dark brown to black.
Padauk, Africa - Deep reddish oranges and subtle wood grain. This wood comes from the African wild appealing to our exoctic senses.