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Q -   I am not sure what kind of wood to get. What are your most popular types of wood?
A -   Our most popular wood types are currently:

    For the man: Desert Ironwood, Bolivian Rosewood, Bocote, Cocobolo, Honduras Rosewood

    For the lady: Tulipwood, Pink Ivory, Redheart, Brazilian Cherry, Bloodwood

Q -   What type of refills do I need for my pen?
A -   See Refills Page

Q -   Because of arthritis, thin pens hurt my hand. What kind of pen should I get?
A -   Full sized pens such as the European Style or American Classic ballpoint, rollerball & fountain pens are most comfortable in this case.

Q -   What if I receive my pen and decide I don't like it?
A -   We have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. You return the merchandise to us, and we replace it or refund the purchase price at YOUR discretion.

Q -   What is the difference between the different gold plating options?
A -   There are three different types of gold plating. Not all are available on each product.
    -Regular Gold (24k) - Parts are tumbled in special containers all at one time. This provides a good, economical plating.
    -Upgrade Gold (24k) - This plating method is standard on most of our writing instruments. In this method, each individual part is separately hung on a plating tree. These trees are then immersed in a series of plating and cleaning baths. Cobalt/Palladium is also added to the chemicals to improve wear ability. This provides a superior adhesion of the gold and enhanced durability.
    -Titanium/Gold - This is an incredibly durable plating method. Titanium Nitride (TIN) is applied to the part and gold is sputtered over the TIN. TIN is incredibly hard and molecularly bonds with the part. The TIN color is matched precisely with the gold color so that as the gold gradually wears, it cannot be noticed. This provides for the best and longest lasting finish available.

Q -   I have some wood at home with sentimental value. Can you use it to make me a pen?
A -   Yes! You ship your wood to us, and we will cut it to the size required for pen making. The cost is the same as for our regularly stocked wood types.

Q -   I am interested in carrying your line of pens in my store. Do you offer wholesale prices for volume purchases?
A -   Yes! Drop us an email giving us an idea of how many pens you desire to carry, and we will send you a price list based on your expected volume.

Q -   What type of finish do you apply to the wooden pens?
A -   Shellawax, a formula of shellac, carnauba and bees wax or Hut Crystal Coat.