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Caring for your wooden pen

Since your pen is made from real wood, it needs the same care as any fine wood product requires. By following the instructions below, you will ensure years of beauty and enjoyment.

We have sealed the wood with cellulose sanding sealer, applied a shellac based friction polish and then applied a protective coating of Renaissance Wax. We recommend that you, as the owner, reapply wax as the finish wears from normal use.

Use a soft cloth to buff up the wax as needed. Don't use any cleaning agents not intended for use on wood. Never use any kind of abrasive pad to clean your wood or gold plating. Never use any cleaning or finishing product that contains abrasives or cleaning agents in the formula. Car waxes have fine abrasives in the formula to clean the surface and should not be used.

Floor care and furniture care products are appropriate for use on our wood products. Paste wax is easy to apply and buffs to a high gloss shine. The gold plating may be cleaned with a damp soft cloth. Do not use any abrasives on the gold plating as the gold plating will be removed by the abrasive.

Enjoy your pen!